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SEO is a continuous process, where knowledge of the latest developments is indispensable. In particular, inbound links and the technical structure of the website or webshop are important for search engine optimization. But also Google Maps, video, news, blog posts, Twitter messages and images shown in the search engine results. Amsterdam SEO will be happy to take a close look at these and other SEO matters for you. With a maximum return on investment.

The Value of SEO

How do you determine the value of SEO? The only true answer to this question lies in your business and current situation. If profits are big, expect more competition. If profit is low, then typically, there will be less competition. If you have a long way to go, expect to pay more than if you just need a final push into the top three.

Main points of the SEO Amsterdam consulting report:

  1. Evaluation of the code and structure of the website links to highlight the obstacles to correct indexing;
  2. Evaluation of the most appropriate keywords for organic positioning on Google;
  3. Evaluation of the SEO-optimization and inbound link strategy for the main competitors;
  4. Identification of the occurrences for optimization-seo on page, specifically taking into account the usability with respect to the business objectives of the project;
  5. Identification of strategic lines for optimization-seo offpage concerning above all the inbound links;
  6. Analysis (if any) of the internal blog to identify criticalities and margins for improvement;
  7. Suggestions to repair any negative-seo activities, through specific reports and interventions;
  8. Assistance via email / phone / skype for n ° 6 months.
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