Just Like Mama Used To Make

Tales from my Family Cookbook (Lella Antinozzi)

Three generations in the kitchen

Italian mothers, especially those of some time ago, are famous for the particular care, shall we say, of the nutritional side of family life. The warmness, at times overwhelming, the total commitment to their kitchen and to the feeding of the family, have made them icons. Therefore it is apparent that the recipes of an Italian mother of this kind is in and of itself the story of an entire lifetime.

The characters

Who is mamma Rosetta?

Mamma Rossetta really does exist, and she is a mother like many other mothers in Italy, a bit plump and always in the kitchen. She has been married to Papa’ Carmine, whom we call Papino, for more than 40 years, and they are still in love. Every late afternoon Papino brings a fresh rose, picked during his daily walk, to Donna Rosa, as he likes to call her.
They have lived in Rome since they were married but they were born in two small villages 10 kilometers apart, in the area of Caserta, not far from Naples. Of their land they have especially kept one thing: the love for genuine food. The deep bond to their roots strengthens the passion and love mamma Rosetta puts in her cooking. Nobody forces mamma her to stay in the kitchen. Her first thoughts in the morning as soon as she wakes up are what to prepare for lunch, or for dinner, or for a lunch in two days, three. The planning for a good meal never ends. It has always been so; therefore it is not difficult to figure out that Rosetta’s cookbook is very, very rich of recipes for every occasion.

The Collages

The Pages

The Jacket

Book Design, Collages, Logistic:  BURGIODESIGN

Text: Lella Antinozzi

Photography: Floris Leeuwenberg, Lella Antinozzi

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