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Museum Het Schip is located in the world famous workers palace by architect Michel de Klerk in Amsterdam.

The famous Sugar Bags

Photography is one of your most powerful resources as a designer.

The Amsterdam School was a new movement in arts and architecture with a lot of ideals about the society.

The Entrance Tickets

As a designer, it can be pretty difficult to figure out an attractive way to mix various images into one cohesive layout.

Compositions, Page Layouts, Collages

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

Find Your Focus

Creating a cohesive layout also means pairing type and imagery that complement each other.

A Vision For The Jordaan

Repetition is a key factor when it comes to multi page layouts. Repeating elements in a layout helps each page flow into the next, creating a cohesive set of pages.

Just Like Mama Used To Make, The Cookbook

Elements of Design

Leave Blank
Finding a Balance
When designing content, you need to find a natural rhythm.
Placement and Relationships
Composition is all about relationships. Relationships in color, space, symmetry and asymmetry.
Symmetry And Asymmetry
Symmetry is usually seen as beautiful and harmonized; however, it can also be seen as static and dull. Asymmetry tends to be more interesting and dynamic, despite not being regarded as intrinsically beautiful. Asymmetry brings a casual spirit into any design.
Effective Contrast
Differences attract the eye, and contrast heightens differences
Visual Effects
When we analyze artwork we often start with visual effects. We notice something happening. Then we try to figure out why it happens.   
Layout and composition

Layout and composition are the building blocks of graphic design. A strong composition will attract attention, clarify understanding,

The Importance of Composition

Composition is the manner pieces or components are combined and arranged visually to tell a story. Proper composition considers alignment, grouping, placement, space, and visual flow within a layout. This layout can be any medium. Once a proper audience and purpose have been determined then composition, components, and concept can encompass that identified purpose allowing a successful design.

Proximity and the Rule of Thirds

We know from Gestalt theory (a psychological framework which emphasizes the relationship between the parts and the whole of a composition) that the law of proximity is among the design principles that are important to understanding ‍good composition and layout concepts.

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Photography: Floris Leeuwenberg

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